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  • Millions of people are shocked and disappointed by the results of the election, and millions of others will find that with victory comes responsibility for the country. Exit polls show that the country is divided Republican vs.… [Leggi]
  • Earlier this week at a Fordham University panel discussion on the election, I was asked, "Is there some similarity between the dissatisfaction and disengagement we see among Americans for religious institutions with the same… [Leggi]
  • If you are a layperson and want to read the pope’s apostolic exhortation on the family, skip the first three chapters and start with chapter 4. If you are a priest, moral theologian, or divorced Catholic, read chapter 8.The… [Leggi]
  • Amoris Laetitia, the much anticipated apostolic exhortation written by Pope Francis in response to the synod on the family, will be released Friday morning. Here are six things to look for when the exhortation is published.First,… [Leggi]
  • Now that the Iowa caucuses are over, attention turns to the primaries in both the Republican and Democratic parties beginning with New Hampshire. There has been much discussion of how evangelicals will vote in the Republican… [Leggi]
  • From the beginning of his papacy, Pope Francis’ homilies and speeches have emphasized “mercy” as a common theme. As a result, it was no surprise when he declared that the church would celebrate a holy year of mercy this year.The… [Leggi]
  • Thirty Christian leaders, including Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl of Washington, have written a letter to Secretary John Kerry calling on the State Department to include Syrian and Iraqi Christians among those listed as victims of… [Leggi]
  • Despite Pope Francis’ desire not to obsess over sexual issues, for many people in the church and the media that is what the synod on the family is all about. All his attempts to stay on message fell apart under the onslaught of… [Leggi]
  • The pope’s visit to the United States is going to be a whirlwind affair with scores of events and activities. In the midst of this papal storm, here are five things to focus on. First, Francis the man. This will be America’s… [Leggi]
  • A superficial review of Laudato Si’ could lead the reader to think that Pope Francis is a Luddite. He has very critical things to say about technology, especially when it is connected to greed. The goal of technology, he argues,… [Leggi]
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